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THE POWER OF reviewing.

Record into the cloud.

Whether in class, at home, or on the go, record presentations directly into the cloud. No worrying about storage space or uploading later.


Real time evals, made simple.

Tired of writing the same thing over and over again? The quick-select rubric and pre-filled comments are the solution. Easily tap to evaluate a presentation. Use our rubrics or create your own, fully customizable, evaluations tailored to your exact need. 


Self & Peer Reviews done right.

Students can fill out a fully customizable self review as they're watching their speech video. Help them learn and grow through self reflection.

Peer reviews have never been easier. Students have easy and secure access to one or many of their classmates' speeches, while filling out a fully customizable peer review. Manually or automatically assign peer reviewers. 


Watching yourself on a recording is proven to build skills by learning from mistakes and improving your educational experience.


A single recording device makes recording speeches seamless and quick, especially in public speaking and communication classrooms.


The most desirable skill set employers seek in new hires is the ability to communicate effectively. Develop public speaking skills to get that perfect job.

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