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THE POWER OF planning.

Guided outline creation.

Step-by-step assistance guides focus to content over structure. The guess work of how to build an outline is removed. As students build, they are given helpful hints about how they could improve their outlines. No more worrying about how, increase the focus on the what.

AI-driven speaking notes.

Stop writing too much on your speaking notes. Our artificial intelligence will read your outline and pull out the keywords for you. Don't worry, you can still customize them too!


Easy to suggest ideas, easy to track.

Comment directly on student outlines with your suggestions. Then monitor student progress by comparing their work over time. Every version of the student's outline can be easily compared.


Students deliver higher quality presentations and produce better work when they plan their speeches.


Save precious class time, grade faster, and create a deeper relationship with students.


Always have a record of all student preparation outlines, in the same format, with your comments and previous versions.


By moving assignments to the cloud you and your students will save countless pages of paper.

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