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THE POWER OF learning.


A text like no other. At a price like no other.

Authored by a 30-year veteran of the public speaking classroom, the Pops textbook is the most dynamic and interactive public speaking textbook available. Each section begins with clear learning objectives to set students with the right outcome expectation. Then every section ends with thought provoking review questions to reinforce what they just learned.


The Pops digital textbook is automatically included with any of the Pops tools and is free even if you choose not to use our tools. Printed versions of the text in both color and black & white are available at-cost for tactile learners. 


Fun, innovative class activities.

Whether it is your first year teaching or your 30th, it is always good to take ideas from the community. We have community-submitted activities for your classes.

Teaching aides for each concept.

The Pops text includes teaching aides for each concept covered, crafted by the authors and editors of the text.

Tests & Quizzes ready for use.

Every concept is covered with premade tests and quizzes that can be printed off and given to students or imported into your school's LMS.

Your class, designed for you.

Pops offers premade syllabi and course schedules to help jumpstart your course planning. Free for all.


Save your time for activities you enjoy by using premade resources from Pops!


The Pops text covers all the concepts for the basic public speaking course.


Our tests & quizzes work with your school's LMS and can be deployed worry free!


With the Pops teaching aides, you can present all concepts with premade aides in your class.

Want to learn more?

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