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Simple Research Assignment

This activity was submitted by Katherine Taylor at the University of Louisville. Original author unknown.

Objective: This activity gets a student's feet wet with research.

Instructions for Students: Choose an important date in your life. It can be the date of your birth, the date of your wedding, children's birth date, first job start date, etc. Choose something memorable to you.

Date Chosen:

Significance of the date:

Using the date selected, locate the following information. If you can't find the information for your date, choose the previous publication (E.g. Can't find something for 8/25/1985? Look for 8/24/1985).

  1. What was the headline in the New York Times on your date?

  2. Who appeared on the cover of Time magazine on your chosen date? (Time is a weekly magazine, so you will need to go to the closest week in relation to your date)

  3. Using a popular periodical, such as Time, Newsweek, U.S. News and World Report, Harvard Business Review, etc. determine the following. Be sure to list the periodical and page number of where you found the information.

A. Give two movies that were showing on the date you chose.

B. List two international news items appearing in the issue that covers your date.

C. List two national news items appearing in the issue that covers your date.

4. List two local news items appearing in the local newspaper for you date.

5. List two posts from your social media on the anniversary of the date you chose.

6. What were the steps you followed to retrieve your answers?


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