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Pops Podcast - S2.E9 - Angela Kariotis and Dr. Jon Radwan

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

The Power of Public Speaking Community Podcast Series. Season 2. Episode 9.

--- Guest Hosts ---

Angela Kariotis - Director of Diversity and Inclusion, Brookdale Community College

News from the Field:

  • Kariotis is curriculum director for Walking the Beat, a community engagement program re-imagining police and policing. Come to a re-screening of the social justice project in collaboration with the NJ Theater Alliance.

  • She is offering community workshops for parents on How to Raise Anti-racist Kids

  • Angela lead a Narrative 4 Story Exchange for empathy and a two- day anti-racist pedagogy workshop for Seton Hall University faculty supported by a Lilly Foundation grant for servant-leadership.

  • Kariotis published a chapter in Musing the Margins; the anthology examines the influence of culture and identity on the craft of fiction.

Jon Radwan, PhD - Director – Institute for Communication and Religion, Seton Hall University

Jon Radwan is an associate professor of communication and director of the Institute for Communication and Religion in Seton Hall's College of Communication and The Arts.

--- About Episode ---

Guest co-hosts Angela Kariotis and Dr. Jon Radwan discuss public speaking for the public good: movement building, social justice, and advocacy. Improvisation as a trauma informed response in public speaking.

--- Sponsor ---

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