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Pops Classroom access during COVID-19

We are making Pops Classroom available to schools during this unprecedented time to ease the transition from in-person classes to online-based classes.

Enabling Video Submissions & Grading Presentations Remotely:

Pops Capture is a video-based evaluation system for public speaking classes. Students submit videos recorded on any device (phones, tablets, and computers) and instructors can evaluate their speech using their customized rubric. Pops Capture also allows students to complete a self and a peer review of their video and a peer's video.

Augmenting In-Person Class Workshops with Artificial Intelligence:

Additionally, we are giving all classes access to Pops Advisor for the rest of this semester. Students can submit their videos to Pops Advisor. Our patent pending artificial intelligence algorithm analyzes the practice session and provides real feedback about speech delivery and speech content. Teachers have access to these student practice sessions.

Guiding Students Through Outlining:

If you are not currently using Pops Outliner (Speech Prep), all classes can now access it. This tool allows students to write speech outlines and for teachers to easily give recommendations on them. Pops Outliner also features artificial intelligence by summarizing students full sentence outlines into concise speaking notes.

How to Get Started:

If you would like to get started using Pops Classroom and any/all of our various tools, click here to start setting up your class today. A member of our team will contact you as soon as possible to get you up and running. Our Support team is dedicated and working (from home) around the clock during these difficult times.

Please continue to follow the recommendations of the CDC and your institution.


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