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Pops 100: Course Syllabus

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Editor's note: This is a sample syllabus for the basic public speaking course (COMM 100 or your university's equivalent). You will need to fill in information regarding your class, contact information, and other institution requirements.


Introduction to Pubic Speaking

Communication 100

3 Credit Hours



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Office Hours:

Class Meeting Times:

Class Location:

Course Description:

Students’ performance in this course is improved by their active participation. Participation means regular attendance, readings in the text, reviewing and presenting their speeches. Students will be provided informational material on public speaking, communication skills and applications necessary for becoming competent speakers, listeners, and communicators.

This is primarily a performance course providing you with practical training in speech preparation and delivery. Students will utilize the information in the text to help prepare and deliver the required speeches. Since this is an oral communication (speaking) course, most of the grade will be based on assignments linked to the presented speeches.

This course also includes introductory speech communication theory and concepts. It meets the General Education requirements.

Required Materials:

  1. Pops Classroom ( collaborative toolset for preparing, presenting, and reviewing speeches. Available for purchase during sign up or from the campus bookstore. I’ll be emailing you instructions on how to join our class. All assignments will be turned in for grading via Pops Classroom. Need help using Pops Classroom? Their team responds in under 30 minutes at

  2. Pops OpenText ( free open resource textbook used for readings, information and quizzes.

  3. A video recording device (a cell phone is fine).

  4. A computer or tablet to access Pops Classroom and Pops OpenText

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Students will be able to speak publicly, in both formal and informal contexts.

  2. Students will demonstrate critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

  3. Students will evaluate, synthesize and integrate materials from diverse sources.

  4. Students will analyze and critique the oral communication of oneself and others.

  5. Students will listen effectively.

These skills will be assessed through graded presentations; written outlines; quizzes/tests; impromptu speeches and other in-class activities; self, peer, and outside speaking reviews; and active participation in class.

Class Conduct:

  • Be respectful of others.

  • Limit use of electronic devices to when instructed.

  • Please no food or drink in the class (except water).

University Policies & Procedures:

[Please insert the required policies and procedures from your school here.]


Assignments in this class include short activities/exercises, four formal speeches, quizzes/tests, and class participation. Assignments (unless otherwise noted) will be turned in on Pops Classroom.

Each formal speech includes several sub-assignments:

  • Speech Prep: This is your planning, full sentence outline, and speaking notes.

  • Visual Aids (only required for the last two speeches): These can be made using any medium, digital visual aids will be curated in Pops Classroom for easier presenting.

  • Practice Session: You will record yourself practicing your speech and upload to Advisor in Pops Classroom. Be sure to review the suggestions Advisor gives you and incorporate them into your actual presentation.

  • Video Recording: This is a recording of your in-class presentation.

  • Self Review: This is a brief questionnaire of how you think you presented.

  • Peer Review: This is a brief questionnaire of how you think a peer presented.

  • Instructor Evaluation: This is the actual presentation. You will receive my evaluation after you have submitted your self review.

Class Activities & Exercises (100 points total):

Student Information Activity (10 points)

You will write a brief introduction paragraph about yourself. Be sure to include your major, year in college, previous public speaking experiences, and what goals you have for this course. You will submit this assignment in Pops Classroom. Additionally, please upload a profile picture in your Pops Classroom settings.

Outside Speaker Critique (50 points)

At any point during the semester you will need to view a credible live speaker (other than those in our class) in person (not online). This speaker can be at a religious service, political address, motivational talk, etc. You will then write a formal paper (approximately 500 words) evaluating their speaking style. Please include what you think they did well, what they did not do well, and what you think you would do differently if you were them.

Impromptu Speeches (40 points total)

These are unannounced, spur of the moment speeches. These speeches are short, “elevator” style speeches. You will be assessed on participation, topic selection, and professionalism. You are encouraged to record your impromptu speeches, however submission of a recording is not required.

Formal Speeches (650 points total):