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At the University of Louisville in Kentucky, students have been using Pops Classroom to create their speech outlines, curate their visual aids, store & comment on videos, receive feedback, and become more engaged for several semesters. 

1,000 students

An average of 1,000 students take public speaking classes each semester at UofL. Their goal is to standardize the quality of the instruction their students receive so they may have quantifiable data about student growth and retention.

4 speeches

The average class has each student deliver 4 speeches per semester. All speeches include a formal written outline, speaking notes, a self & peer review, video, visual aids, and instructor evaluation. All completed work is done in Pops Classroom.

6 days

The average class gains an extra 6 class days each semester by using Pops Classroom. One day for teaching the outline structure, one day per speech with faster grading, and one day for class work sessions.

20+ boxes

UofL estimates switching to Pops Classroom has saved their instructors, students, and department over 20 boxes of paper each year. This cost savings empowers the department put additional funds into student resources.


"I am a devoted forever user of Pops Classroom for my classes. I teach several advanced speech classes and general education public speaking courses at the University of Louisville and I will never go back to the 'old way' for my classes. [This] is a paradigm shift as drastic and fantastic as television was for radio.


— Katherine Taylor, Director of the Basic Speech Program 

"I can provide meaningful feedback in a timely manner. It is efficient and effective, it allows you to communicate immediately with a student and work on things together. It feels like you can help more and be a more active part of their education. "


— Krista S., Instructor

"I wasn't initially sold on the idea of doing a peer review [in Pops Classroom] for every speech, but what I'm noticing when grading them is that in most cases the peer reviews are much more detailed and insightful than the notes I can make while scoring a speech. I'm always fine with having someone else help me with the work."


— Richard S., Instructor

"Overall it was a helpful tool. The reviews gave students a lot of constructive criticism to work with. It was very simple to use and helped me to grade speeches quickly and methodically."


— Anonymous, Instructor


"Utilizing this tool has been a lifesaver. In the past my speeches have been written last minute with barely any preparation. This layout really helped me piece together each speech and organize in a way I could understand how to write a speech."


— Jessica S., Student

"I feel as I gained a lot out of [Pops Classroom], especially with figuring out how to organize my speeches better.  The strict usage for transitions and using only one sentence per box really helped me focus on organization. I really enjoyed the aesthetic of the page[s]. "


— Micah P., Student

"Using the Speech Prep was like writing my first draft before rewriting and rewording the speech, so it [would] sound the best when presenting it. I took the Instructor Feedback and Peer Reviews seriously and attempted to improve my speaking habits. The Self Reviews helped me reflect on my actions and speech. It was a good experience, as it helped me create my speeches and improve my speaking techniques."


— Anonymous, Student

"The outlines gave me a good structure to prepare my speeches. [Pops Classroom] gave me the chance to fix my mistakes before turning in my final outline. My Peer Reviews pointed out things I, myself, didn't realize. It was very easy to navigate and helpful in preparing for speeches."


— Anonymous, Student

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