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Pops Podcast - S2.E5 - Drs. Karen Pitcher Christiansen and Julie Ferris-Tillman

The Power of Public Speaking Community Podcast Series. Season 2. Episode 5.

---Guest Hosts ---

Dr. Karen Pitcher Christiansen

Dr. Julie Ferris-Tillman

---About Episode---

COVID-Positive: The Power of Public Speaking Skills in the (Post) Pandemic World

Whether interacting/presenting in an educational or business setting during the COVID-19 pandemic, the widespread shift to virtual platforms has amplified some of the most basic concepts of public speaking in positive ways. Dr. Karen Pitcher Christiansen, a speech professor, and Dr. Julie Ferris-Tillman, a public relations professional and speech adjunct faculty, will discuss their observations that public speaking basic concepts are more important than ever in virtual contexts. Drawing on their experiences in the classroom and in the Zoom workplace, they assess how the pandemic may just be the best thing to ever happen to public speaking education, as well as consider what this means going forward in the "new normal."


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