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Pops Podcast - S2.E10 - Bonnie Keiper

The Power of Public Speaking Community Podcast Series. Season 2. Episode 10.

--- Guest Hosts ---

Bonnie J. Keiper

Instructor and Coordinator of the Public Speaking Program at The University of Akron

--- About Episode ---

We all know that many students experience some anxiety about public speaking. But, in this podcast Bonnie Keiper shares insights and success stories about students who experience high anxiety related to public speaking. The effect of high anxiety on these students’ minds, bodies and behaviors is severe. After decades of teaching and coordinating the public speaking program at The University of Akron, Bonnie developed a specialized public speaking course for high anxiety students, complete with what she calls the "ACA" plan. Regardless if you are an educator/administrator, a student, or a graduate, you'll want to learn more about this course/plan and hear all about her students’ successes.

--- Sponsor ---

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