One Word Story Game

This activity was submitted by Melvin Huffnagle from Hostos Community College (CUNY).

Notes from the Contributor: I come from a theatre background and like to employ theatre games to compliment my lectures. One game in particular that my students really enjoy is called one word story. It's a great game because it forces the players to really listen to each other. It also gets them out of their seats and speaking in front of the class. The textbook we use includes a chapter titled "Effective Listening" this game is great to use after this chapter. This is a great game to demonstrate how we listen as well as a great ice breaker. It's one of my favorites!

Instructions: The game goes as follows:

  1. Invite 8 to 10 students to stand in a line in front of the classroom.

  2. Pick a topic i.e Christmas, Summer, School etc...

  3. Have the first person begin with one word to begin the story with the perso