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A Simpler Public Speaking Classroom

We believe in the power of public speaking and we know that the foundation of that power starts in education. We know that traditionally, a public speaking course is most likely dreaded by students. A public speaking course is a unique course in that you are learning a skill that is applicable in just about every other field. We know that in order to empower everyone to effectively communicate, we had to go back to the basics and create a tool set that helps teach students and individuals to prepare, present, and review/learn from their speech performance. Alongside our Pops OpenText, Pops Classroom is the perfect solution for the public speaking classroom.

I'm proud to say that we've seen dramatic increases in student performance as well as the speed with which they reach certain levels of that performance. Pops Classroom really enables students and instructors to do more within the same time frame, the same number of class days and hours. We know that changing the tools and methods used within a classroom can be a tedious and an often daunting process, that's why we've ensured that not only is our toolset intuitive and straightforward, but also we have the best, the most responsive, the most available and friendly support team that's out there. Instructors who use our OpenText and Classroom resources instantly notice that we are not just another company, we are not just another publisher, we're a group of talented and driven individuals that truly do believe in the power of what we're doing, the power of public speaking.

Our hope is that our tool said can make a true and impactful difference in the classroom, and be useful for students and professionals beyond the classroom. While we know that many people consider their first encounter with a true public speaking experience to take place in the classroom, we know that those experiences take place every day. In helping to enable individuals to realize their highest potential and ability, we are to give everyone a vehicle to develop their best method of delivering their message, to realize their potential to make an impact on the world around them.



Tyler Poteet is the Vice President of Advanced Solutions Visual Collaboration Systems and the co-founder of Power of Public Speaking.


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