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How to Best Help Today's Public Speaking Students

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

Students (and most other people) have a common nightmare scenario… They’re on a stage for a class presentation or to pitch an idea and suddenly there is this weird feeling in their stomach, their palms start to sweat, and they can’t feel their legs, all the eyes in the room are peeled on them and they think, “this is it and I am never putting myself in this situation ever again.” Fear of stage or any public speaking situation is dates to the ancient times when our lives depended on it. Any wrong idea or a word spoken out loud could get you banished from your tribe or worse get you killed. But nowadays the stakes aren’t that high, but the fear is still there.

Learning to effectively deal with this fear is key to becoming great at public speaking. Practice is pivotal, but too often, there just isn’t enough time in a short college semester to overcome beginner’s jitters. Only after these fears are dealt with it seems students can learn the importance of the skills they are trying to acquire.

Once students understand that getting your message, opinion, idea and knowledge across to an audience can be a motivator for success, they believe in the power and importance of public speaking. In all kinds of businesses public speaking is the key to have your products be recognized. Also, it boosts self-confidence and makes you ready to tackle any hurdles in your way to getting the professional life that you desire. Learning about public speaking is the most crucial parts of an education.

So how can you help students get the most out of what seems to be an increasingly fast-paced and short semester? Our tools help students efficiently develop their skills while engaging them more and strengthening your relationship with them.

Pops Outliner is an A.I. driven outliner tool that helps students quickly learn the format of an outline, while letting them focus on the content of their message. It really helps to speed up the learning process. It also provides students with automatic concise speaking notes that prevents them from reading directly from their outline on speech day.

Pops Advisor is a machine learning powered tool that gives insightful and intelligent feedback to improve during practice at home or anywhere. It provides recommendations of not only the content of your presentation but also your body movement and gives you a quantitative analysis and tips to improve. It is the best use of technology towards teaching efficient public speaking skills.

Pops Presenter is the best tool to have to save time when students give presentations. It works on the cloud and gives you the ability to quickly display visual aids, while providing students with their speaking notes right on their device with just an internet connection.

Pops Capture can help the you record and grade students’ presentations very quickly and easily. It comes with cloud integration so you don’t have to copy or move anything to a USB stick or SD card plus it has built in evaluation system to quickly grade the presentation. From pre-written comments to a grading system that can be tweaked as desired, it surely is an innovative tool to increase the pace of the learning process. Also students can use the tool themselves to evaluate themselves and improve by practicing on their weak points.

All these tools are also available as a bundle in the form of Pops Classroom. It is a complete package to for today’s public speaking course.


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