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Be sure your classes are ready!

We are thrilled to be able to help so many educators and institutions during this unprecedented time. We quickly and smoothly onboarded many classes to Pops Classroom, enabling a completely online Public Speaking course! For our prior users, even for strictly face-to-face courses, we were honored to hear that our product made for an immediate and easy transition to 100% online.

Be ready to take your Public Speaking classes online. Our tools empower students to become the best speakers they can be, while enabling you to grade and teach quickly, smoothly, and remotely. Perfect for face-to-face, hybrid, online, and face-to-face "converted" to online courses!


Pops Capture

Pops Capture enables quick and easy video recording and submissions. With your own rubrics, self reviews, peer reviews, and more!

Pops Advisor

Pops Advisor uses Artificial Intelligence to provide students feedback on their content and delivery as they practice their speeches! Like a virtual speaker's center!

Pops Outliner guides students through the outline creation process, while allowing you and the student to focus on content, not Roman Numerals!

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