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7 Ways to Improve Your Public Speaking Skills

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

Public speaking skills are among the most important skills that you should have. If you are equipped with public speaking skills, you will be able to unlock many outstanding opportunities that come your way. With that, you will have the power to transform your life into whatever you desire.

Here is a list of seven effective methods available for you to improve your public speaking skills:

1. Get to know about your audience

You should do a bit of background research on the audience, then you should align your topic according to the audience. This will help you to determine the level of information, choice of words, and the motivational statements that you should deliver. This will also help you to reduce nervousness at the time of public speaking.

2. Create a good preparation outline

At the time of getting ready for the speech, you need to make sure that you are equipped with a proper outline. This outline should be linked with concise and useful speaking notes. Ny creating a well-thought-out outline, you’ll ensure your message is clear and that you’re able to practice it effectively. That’s where you need to take a look at Pops Outliner. It will help you to create the outline with ease, as well as create automatic speaking notes using artificial intelligence.

3. Don’t read

You should never read out anything while you deliver a public speech unless you are quoting someone or are relaying detailed technical information. Instead, utilize your outline and speaking notes to practice well enough to where you internalize your message and can deliver it. Note, internalization is not memorization. When you internalize your message, the words may come out differently during your speech, but the central idea stays intact.

4. Practice, Practice, Practice

Just like with playing the piano or any other skills, proper practice will provide you with the opportunity to improve your public speaking skills an effective manner. When you practice a lot, you will be able to reduce your nervousness because you will be prepared. While you are practicing, you can get the help of Pops Advisor as your speech coach to end up with better results. Pops Advisor provides you feedback on your content, organization, body language, and more. Consider you have a 5-minute presentation and you practice three times. So, 5 mins x 3 practice sessions = 15 minutes of preparation. Do you think you’d do well on a test if you studied for only 15 minutes? The same can be said for speech preparation.

5. Grab attention at the beginning

When you are starting a speech, you need to try your best to grab attention from the audience. Then you will be able to get people to listen to what you are going to speak about. Likewise, you need to make sure that you are providing a dynamic end to the speech as well, that way they remember what you told them.

6. Use your hands and voice effectively

Body language can contribute a lot towards the success of speech that you deliver. Hence, it is important for you to use both hands and voice effectively. Then you can communicate your message effectively to the audience. Don’t overdo it though, body language can also become a distraction. Find a good balance between standing completely still and running around wildly. Show you audience you have enthusiasm without overloading their senses. Don’t distract from your message.

7. Learn from feedback

After you deliver a public speech, try to find a few people from the audience and ask for feedback. You may have a much different experience as the speaker versus an observer in the audience. You will be able to figure out what you did correct and where you didn’t do well. You can use such feedback to improve your public speaking skills and boost confidence. You can also get such feedback by through the tools offered by the Power of Public Speaking, or Pops!


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