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Written by education professionals.

Authored by a 30-year veteran of the public speaking classroom, Pops OpenText is the most dynamic Public Speaking textbook.

Professors and educators can contribute additions and revisions to OpenText to better our community. But, don't worry all contributions are reviewed and edited before inclusion. Revisions are posted ahead of time so the content you want your students to see won't change mid-semester.


Clear objectives &

thought provoking reviews.

Each section begins with clear learning objectives to set students with the right outcome expectation. Then every section ends with thought provoking review questions to reinforce what they just learned.  

Perfect companion materials.

Accompanying chapter slides, syllabus templates, exercises, and course schedules to make teaching easier.

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Pops OpenText will soon be available as an audio book for you to listen to.

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The online version of Pops OpenText is an open educational resource that is no cost to you or your students.

Low cost printed copies.

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