Check out Pops Classroom, the most complete toolset for public speaking courses:


Pops Capture makes speech recording & evaluating a breeze.

Record into the cloud.

Whether in class, at home, or on the go, record presentations directly into the cloud. No worrying about storage space or uploading later.

Real time evals, made simple.

Tired of writing the same thing over and over again? The quick-select rubric and pre-filled comments are the solution.

Easily tap to evaluate a presentation. 

Use our rubrics or create your own, fully customizable, evaluations tailored to your exact need. 


Peer and Self Reviews.

Students can fill out a fully customizable self review as they're watching their speech video. Help them learn and grow through self reflection.

Peer reviews have never been easier. Students have easy and secure access to one or many of their classmates' speeches, while filling out a fully customizable peer review. Manually or automatically assign peer reviewers. 


No technology hurdles.

Heading into a room for a presentation? All the room needs is an internet connected presentation device. No flash drives, cloud drives, email attachments, no problems.

Visual aids curated.

Curate all your visual aids before your presentation.

So you can walk in without worry.

Connected Screen.png

Your device, your controls.

You take control of the presentation screen right from your phone, tablet, or device. Your speaking notes appear right on your screen next to the controls.


Body Movement

See a visual representation of your body movement throughout your presentation with 20+ pose points tracked. Instantly understand the frequency and direction of your overall body movement, focus, and eye contact.


Receive intelligent and useful feedback.

Guidance on content (introduction, body, conclusion) and delivery (WPM, time, speed, vocal fillers).

Track your students' improvements with each practice session, tailor lesson plans to their specific needs.

On-Demand Assistance

See your students give stronger speeches by encouraging practice and self-improvement in a fun, easy-to use environment. Like a virtual "speakers center" where students can augment existing campus resources with artificial intelligence.


With Pops Classroom, you have the power of...


Pops Outliner lays the groundwork for a great speech by teaching the outlining and speaking note creation process.


Guided outline creation.

Step-by-step guidance on structure, focus on content. No more worry about how, just focus on the what.

AI-driven speaking notes.

Artificial intelligence reads the outline and pulls out the keywords. Write less, internalize more.


Save time.

Talk with and grade your students right where they’re working, allowing them to see your suggestions in one place.



Students deliver higher quality presentations and produce better work when they use Pops Classroom.


Teach and learn from anywhere. Fully online, hybrid, HyFlex, in-person.


Save precious class time and grade faster than you thought possible.


With all aspects of the speech process in one place, you're automatically prepared for assessment.

Pops Advisor is the only machine learning, artificial intelligence, tool to give real feedback and guidance on delivery and content.

Pops Presenter takes technology hurdles away on jam packed speech days.


"Utilizing this tool has been a lifesaver. In the past my speeches have been written last minute with barely any preparation. This layout really helped me piece together each speech and

organize in a way I could understand how to write a speech. "


— Jessica S., Student at the University of Louisville

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