The Whole Pops Suite.

$99/sem. $69/sem.


Seamlessly connect your class no matter what device is used.


Guided outline creation with

AI-driven speaking notes.

Step-by-step assistance guides students focus to content over structure. With the help of artificial intelligence, students will never write too much on their speaking notes again.


Visual aids curated before class.

No flash drives, cloud drives, or email required.

Students pre-submit their visual aids making speech day a breeze. A one touch connection to the classroom monitor and the student speaker takes the controls right on their device.


Integrated presentation videos.


One touch video integration allows you to start the camera at the beginning of class and forget about it. Pops Classroom does the rest: trimming videos down to each presenter and syncing them to the instructor evaluation, student reviews, and class quick responses. 

Have your students record their presentations? We got you covered too. Students can sync their personal recordings in one upload. Perfect for online classes.


Automatic Feedback

Students can practice their presentation skills on their own, while still receiving constructive feedback. Progress is tracked over time and accessible to the instructor. Receive suggested feedback when evaluating student presentations.


Real time evals, made simple.


Tired of writing the same thing over and over again? The quick-select rubric and pre-filled comments are the solution. Easily tap to grade as students present in class or via video. 

Use our rubrics or create your own, fully customizable, evaluations tailored to your exact need. 


"When they need it" content, delivered.

Just in time textbook content delivered right where students are, as they work. Written by leading public speaking professionals our open educational resource provides what your students need, when they need it.


Using a text you already love or have your own resources?

Our team can work to integrate them into the platform. 



Students deliver higher quality presentations and produce better work when they use Pops Classroom.


Save precious class time and grade faster than you thought possible.


Our team can work with you individually to deliver custom class-by-class analytic data sets to monitor and track student growth.


By moving assignments to the cloud, a mid-sized university could save as many as 24 boxes of paper each year.

"Utilizing this tool has been a lifesaver. In the past my speeches have been written last minute with barely any preparation. This layout really helped me piece together each speech and

organize in a way I could understand how to write a speech. "


— Jessica S., Student at the University of Louisville


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